Katy Steel provides the following reinforced concrete construction products:


  • A-615 black rebar
  • A-706 low-alloy rebar
  • Epoxy-coated rebar
  • Galvanized rebar
  • Stock paving rebar
  • Threaded rebar

Smooth Bar

  • Smooth round bar
  • Flat bar

Wire Mesh

  • Flat welded wire fabric
  • Rolled welded wire fabric

Concrete Accessories

  • Plastic grade chairs
  • Wall high chairs
  • Metal grade chairs with plates
  • Beam & slab bolsters
  • Standees
  • Formsavers
  • Sand plates
  • Polyethylene
  • Bar couplers
  • Tie wire
  • Bar ties
Rebar Epoxy rebar Threaded rebar Smooth round bar Rebar mesh
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